Encrypting Data in the Cloud

So we saw this online article, and it got our attention:


What got our attention was that the title alone makes sense – you should ALWAYS end-to-end encrypt your personal data if you want to positively keep it secure. But the article doesn’t go into any useful information as to how you can share end-to-end encrypted data, and nor does it point out that in fact you cannot share end-to-end encrypted data without exposing the key. So we think that’s an important oversight in their publication.

We run our own cloud server, using Nextcloud (version 15 as of today, but the Version 16 upgrade is being pushed out now, so we expect to update our server shortly). You’d think that because we run our own server that perhaps we don’t bother or need to encrypt our own cloud-stored data. And you’d be wrong! We have a seasoned set-up using Nextloud and Cryptomator – two completely independent and Open Source software programs that handle our cloud and encrypted-data therein respectively. We wrote an article about how we implement and use this, including how we SHARE files with clients and stakeholders (see article here).

We applaud articles that advocate end-to-end encryption of cloud-stored data, but we have our spin on it in a way that takes it deeper than the article on Windows Central’s web-site.

Go forth and encrypt!