New Office Capability

Part of my NIST-800-171 Implementation and Compliance Plan:

I now have a portal to an “OnlyOffice” document office server to create and edit Office documents ONLINE.  The “OnlyOffice” document server is linked to the EXPLOINSIGHTS Nextcloud file storage server so I can create and store documents that are stored at my work office, all via HTTPS connection of course:

And of course I can share directly from the server, using two-factor authentication with expiring links:

But I have work to do on the SSL side, not that this is “terrible”, but I know it can be better.  This is the system at launch (1-Feb-2018).  Watch this space…

UPDATE 6th Feb 2018 – FIXED SSL cert (via web-server configuration):

I could probably beef up the other parameters, but I reduce my audience a little: older browsers might not be able to handle my already tight configuration.  So this is it for a while, until I learn of a reason to spend more time on this.  🙂