A Place for Everything…

…And Everything in its Place!

EXPLOINSIGHTS, INC. (EI) has created this separate site for documenting the home-office IT infrastructure journey.  This keeps the main (‘www.exploinsights.com‘) business web-site free of non-core business material.  Hopefully this helps customers who are looking for EI core services and also those who are trying to find solutions to the IT problems that arise when trying to operate small-business office IT services, but are not interested in any paid-for services by EI.

It’s hard to run a small business, and it’s even harder if you have or want to self-host some of your IT services to better comply with complicated regulations such as data-residency requirements.  This site is intended to provide a record of some of the practices, methodologies, issues and solutions that the IT System Administrator has to address and employ to running server(s) that support the office administration.

All the IT-related posts that were published on the main website have now been moved to the WordPress instance running on the ‘www.sysadmin.exploinsights.com’ sub-domain (which, of course runs in an LXD container).  The EI Sys-Admin will also of course create more articles in the future and post them here, including software reviews for the services provided as part of the EI office infrastructure.