Dodging the latest Intel CPU issues

****  UPDATE 27-AUG-2018   ****

We came across a nice article from our favourite cloud hosting software company (Nextcloud) on this vulnerability issue:

Security flaw in CPU’s breaks isolation between cloud containers

**** END OF UPDATE  ****

We noted a report on new Intel CPU security flaws:

“Intel’s chips are riddled with more speculative execution vulnerabilities”

Details are here.

On further reading, we note that two of the three issues are already fixed by Intel. Very cool. The unpatched issue relates to potential malicious containers operated by a third party.  Well the good news for us is we self host all of our containers, and we don’t allow third parties to host anything on our servers. Dodged a bullet there then.

If you use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) – i.e. if you basically host your IT services in someone else’s machine, you might want to rethink that strategy, as your service provider might be unwittingly hosting hackers who are out to Snoop on your containers.